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BOOK PUBLISHING.   Because we offer a varitey of book publishing services, TriGen Publishing will most likely fulfill ALL of your publishing needs.  We publish:
- Hardback Books, in sizes 5.5 x 8.5"  to  8.5 x 11"
- Paperback Books, in sizes 5 x 8"  to  8.5 x 11"
- Standard Print Books (Black Ink / White Paper)
- Full Color Books
- Number of Pages: 
  04 - 48   (Saddle Stitch)
  18 - 1200 (Perfect Bind)
PRINT-ON-DEMAND. Through our affiliates, your book is listed in digital catalogs which are distributed to Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Barnes and Noble,, Espresso Book Machine, and others. This distribution network covers over 30,000 book wholesalers, retailers and booksellers, with primary locations in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, your book is distributed to markets throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. When your title is ordered, it is shipped within 12 hours. Our network markets and distributes your book. You collect royalties, as per your contract with us. There is an initial set-up fee for annual listing fee for each title. See our "Fee and Royalty Structure" link below for details.

PUBLISHER to AUTHOR. With this model, we supply you with high quality books at well below wholesale prices, and you market them yourself. There is no limit to the number of books you order. One book. One thousand books. You order, we supply.   For more information, please see the link "Fee and Royalty Structures" below.

CHOSE BOTH MARKETING MODELS: PRINT-ON-DEMAND and PUBLISHER-TO-AUTHOR.  Because we DO NOT require you to assign the copyright of your book to us, you may have us market your book on the Ingram network - and sell it yourself on your own website. 

For FEE and ROYALTY STRUCTURES, click here

eBOOKS.  Your files can be converted into eBOOK format, so your titles can be purchased and downloaded by consumers worldwide.  This distribution model is separate from our paper book distribution models.  You may chose to distribute and market your title(s) via eBOOK format only, or you may chose paper book and eBOOK formats.  The eBook formats we produce are ePUB and PDF. There is a one-time setup fee for each title you wish to distribute via eBOOK format.  You collect royalty payments, as per your contract with us.   

ISBN, BARCODE, and LCCN ASSIGNMENT.  As a publisher, we obtain and assign the 10 and 13 digit ISBN (International Standard Book Number), Bookland EAN Barcode, and LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number) for your book.  These identifiers are required for your book to be listed and marketed through most of the large retailers and wholesalers.  Most libraries require an LCCN listing.   The fees associated with assignment of ISBN, Barcode, and LCCN numbers are included in our initial set-up fee.