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"Ambassador in Blue"   
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  This story focuses on the extraordinary accomplishments of a young police officer in the City of York,  Pennsylvania during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s;  a once proud industrial city caught in an era of economic downfall, plagued with growing racial strife and crime.    As a rookie patrolman, he observed firsthand the chaos and devastation that result when children grow up in broken homes plagued by poverty, and suffer from the lack of parental love and guidance.   He responded by conceiving and initiating programs that ultimately transformed the lives of hundreds of delinquent children and teenagers, giving them the guidance and hope they needed to break away from the influences of poverty, lack of education and bigotry.  The aftereffects of his selfless actions resonate today in the lives of those he touched decades ago.  To understand what compelled him to perform the altruistic deeds he did as a police officer, one must first become familiar with events which occurred during his youth; the life experiences that molded him into the man he became.    Those who knew him in his early years describe him as a street-wise hell raiser, a daredevil destined for a life behind bars or an early grave.   But he surprised everyone, including himself, and became what he once hated most – a police officer.    Once on the police force, he never tried to hide his wayward past.  Instead, he used it as a tool to do his job better: his street sense helped him to get to the bottom of the many cases he worked.  And he often used stories of his previous misdeeds, such as the night he punched a state trooper, to “break the ice” with the many hardened juvenile delinquents he encountered.    For the next twenty-four years, he channeled his intensity, motivation and larger-than-life pesona to turn around the lives of hundreds of children, teenagers and young adults.    His story underscores the notion that one of the most powerful factors that influence our lives is the treatment we receive from our parents and others as we grow up.  Rejection and the lack of love can scar a person for life.  Conversely, when children are shown love, guidance and encouragement, they frequently become motivated to achieve great accomplishments, even in the face of overwhelming adversity.     His story is an unforgettable journey, a poignant account of one man's metamorphasis  that will inspire and motivate all who read it. 

Publication Date:  To be announced

Genre Primary:  Non-Fiction; Biography

Genre Secondary:  Political Sciences;  Criminal Justice; Local History, York County, Pennsylvania

ISBN 13: 9780982917220

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